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  • My Foot Function

    Joseph Stone & Gourgen Gevorgyan, ex-rugby player with a sports coaching background & a sports scientist, joined forces in 2010 with a shared mission to educate trainers and coaches about the importance of proper foot care. After realising how frequently the foot was overlooked and mistreated in the fitness industry, they dedicated themselves to spreading awareness about foot function.

    Over the years Joseph & Gourgen have been working closely with numerous professionals within the fields of physiotherapy, podiatry, chiropractics, naparapaths and osteopaths to develop this growing field of functional footwear and provide a more nuanced approach.

    Imagine a world where every person is equipped with the power to make informed choices about their foot health. Our mission is to revolutionize foot care by fostering a functional approach that harnesses the power of exercise and innovative tools to enhance the physiology and form of the feet. We strive to bring access to affordable and user-friendly solutions to the masses, giving them the power to prioritize their well-being. At the same time, we aim to offer professionals a fresh perspective in foot care, moving beyond the conventional symptom-based approach to a more proactive, long-lasting, and preventive method.

    There are several opportunities for you to engage with our mission. Our instructor education programs are an ideal starting point for individuals who share our commitment and desire to improve outcomes in the field. Whether you have prior professional experience or not, our education programs are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to become experts in functional foot assessments and their implementation through exercises and cutting-edge tools. Our instructor education program provides participants with CPD/CE points and a certificate, and the opportunity to be listed on our global map of instructors, making it easier for individuals seeking expertise to locate qualified professionals in their area. For those already working in the field, we offer wholesale purchasing options and affiliate programs for our innovative tools, workshops, and courses.

    our goals

    The majority of foot-related problems and surgeries today are preventable. Every year, millions of individuals suffer from foot-related injuries and pathologies, with many undergoing unnecessary surgeries.

    While there are treatments available to reduce symptoms, there is a lack of information and resources to help people transition away from reliance on expensive orthopedic insoles and supportive shoes, which can weaken the foot over time. Currently, foot care professionals are primarily trained to treat symptoms, without providing appropriate recommendations for progressive exercise plans, similar to those recommended for other parts of the body. There is also a widespread misunderstanding and lack of definition for what constitutes proper footwear.

    Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of exercise and functional tools as a crucial modality for preventing the majority of foot problems encountered today.

    Not knowing how to navigate through all the different recommendations for treating the various types of foot problems people are faced with today, along with contradictory views from professionals, it can feel very overwhelming and uncertain as to what approach to take. That is why we focus on the why and not only how when it comes to solving foot related problems.

    Our workshops and services focus on educating you on the why so that you can be empowered to make more informed decisions and be able to navigate throughout the wealth of information that is out there today.

    Through research and further education we strive to advance the field of foot care beyond orthotics and supportive shoes. We want to give people the opportunity to work with functional methods and innovative tools in order to be able to help themselves, clients and patients with a more long term & holistic approach.

    Along with conducting research ourselves, we are building a strong community of certified coaches who will be available globally to give the world a more comprehensive and caring approach to foot problems faced today.


    Community is in the core of human beings, and should be the core of why and what we do, to be in service and to help each other. 

    Our passion is to learn, educate and empower people to take control of their wellbeing. We have a voice that is only so load, by building a community with likeminded, passionate people we are able to not only empower more people, but to also aid in the advancement of this field.

    Furthermore, we want to be able to provide a forum for anyone involved, the ability to communicate with others going through the same journey and to help and learn from each other.

    We welcome any and all feedback on our content, workshops, services and products. Please contact info@myfootfunction.com or chat with us here on the website!


    As soon as you complete your purchase you should receive an email with information on how to access your workshops(s) and to choose a password. Please check spam/junk folder as it may appear there sometimes.

    Please note; to login to your workshops you need to go to our education platform page education.myfoot.online which is separate to our main page myfootfunction.com

    If you have not received any email, please contact support@myfootfunction.com

    Our workshops come with 12 month access starting from the date of purchase. If you cannot view your workshops anymore it has most likely expired. You can extend your access from 3-24 months at a lower cost in here.

    If you cannot see your workshops for any other reason, please make sure you are on the "My Dashboard" page on educaton.myfoot.online

    If for some reason you cannot find your workshops, please contact support@myfootfunction.com

    Our workshops come with 12 month access starting from the date of purchase. If you cannot view your workshops anymore it has most likely expired. You can extend your access from 3-24 months at a lower cost in here.

    If you are not sure what workshop is right for you after reading our workshop descriptions, we recommend using our chat service on our main website located at the bottom left of the page called "Chat with us".

    Alternatively contact us at support@myfootfunction.com where our experts are on hand to help you with any questions and find the right workshop for you.

    We are currently in the process of getting our instructor courses accredited by CPD/CE providers with global recognition. We aim to have this ready mid-2023.

    Our courses will therefore be eligible for CPD/CE points for professionals who have a yearly quota of points to fulfil for the qualifications. Depending on the level of instructor course, they will provide anywhere from 5-50 CPD/CE Points (Subject to change).


    We have a wide variety of functional foot tools to help you with specific problems and to progress on your foot journey. If you are unsure what tools are best suited for you please use our chat service found at the bottom left part of the website or contact us at support@myfootfunction.com

    We provide information on the material contents of all our products/tools in their respective page on our website. If you would like more details please contact info@myfootfunction.com

    The difference between our "Toe Spacer" and "Toe Separator" is the material and amount of spacing between the toes. The Separators (Medical grade silicone) come in 3 different sizes.

    The Toe Spacers are made of SBS rubber and are one size, but come in 3 different densities/hardness instead. Along with larger spacing between the toes.

    Furthermore the Toe Separators also have a "slit" between the 1st and 5th toes where you can place more material (such as cotton or any other soft material) to allow for greater splay.

    We recommend the Toe Separators for those that experience blood-flow restriction, pain and/or recovering recently from surgery. 


    All our tried and tested functional footwear brands can be found on functional-footwear.com

    Depending on your foot function, this recommendation will vary from person to person.

    There is however one non-negotionable criteria for everyone; that the toe-box is wide and foot-shaped to accommodate the toes in their fully loaded and splayed position.

    All other factors such as amount of cushioning, heel-to-toe drop etc are secondary and subject to the individuals needs and goals.

    If you would like more specific recommendations we advise you book an online consultation with our experts.


    Regardless of where you are in terms of your foot function and how simple or complex your problems may be, taking a consultation is always the best place to start. The consultation will allow our experts to guide you through several assessments which often time reveals certain weaknesses that many people were not aware of before. This is partly due to that problems that causes symptoms at certain localised parts of the foot don’t always originate from that specific area but instead are a result of imbalances present in other parts of the foot.

    Apart from this the consultation will also help answer a lot of questions that you may have and our experts will also cover many other important areas of consideration such as how to choose shoes, what to look out for, how to assess shoes yourself and any other functional tools that may be necessary to optimise your journey. 

    This will leave you with an actionable plan with exercises and recommendations based on your individual needs and goals. Removing any questions and hesitations makes the process much more efficient, motivating and safe.

    Our consultations include the following:

    • Initial assessment conducted by email prior to consultation
    • Video gait- and functional movement analysis with playback to your screen so you can view the assessment as we go through the results
    • Shoe assessment and advice
    • Recommendations and actionable steps on movement habits and other affecting lifestyle factors  
    • Recommendations on program & exercises based on assessment results and goals
    • Recording of the meeting for your convenience  
    • PDF outlining analysis results, recommendations & tailored exercise program
    • Follow up consultations available

    One consultation can go a very long way, and for those who have minor problems or just looking to improve general function and health of their feet, may be enough. However, improving foot function and rehabilitation of injuries or restoration of foot function may take a long time and requires progressive overload specific to your needs and progression.

    A common mistake many people make is doing the same exercises with same loads and parameter as they started with. This will result in adaptation but will stave off. Now this may be sufficient for some people, especially if you’ve got to the point where your symptoms have completely regressed. However, depending on what activities you are engaged in or want to be involved in, it is imperative that you progressively adjust your programming do that it reflects the external loads and specific movement patterns that you wish to be engaged in. For example, if you’re wanting to run regularly, it is important that after a period of focusing on strength exercises, you progressively move on to integrate full body single leg movements incorporating strength and elasticity. 

    How, when and how much you do this also depends on your specific weakness/compensations and how far you’ve progressed thus far. 

    We usually recommend at least 1 follow-up after a 8-12 week period after your initial consultation so that we can do re-assessments, evaluate how you’ve been performing and revise your program to keep you progressing.