Your daily shoes do the most damage!

Your daily shoes do the most damage!

Too often the focus is on the training shoe rather than our every day footwear.

It’s what you have on your feet for most of the day which will have the biggest impact.

One of the most common mistakes we see is that people only use their foot-shaped shoes during training, and narrow, symmetrical shoes all other hours.

Let’s put it into perspective;
Walking is 1,25x your body weight. If you weigh 80kg and take your 10000 steps per day, that’s 1000 tonnes of force through your feet.

Running is up to 3x your body weight per step, if you're averaging 170 steps per minute, that’s almost 2500 tonnes/minute! That’s more than double the forces!

Avarage person works 40-60 hours and trains 3-6 hours. Spending x10 longer in narrow, symmetrical shoes.

This is why many “barefoot runners” get injured! Too little time spent in foot-shaped shoes coupled with too high forces going through shoe-shaped feet!